paint me like on of your…🌞

Many people believe that when they cannot sleep, someone is thinking or dreaming of them. A Japanese legend tells us that if this unsleepful event happens, we are actively moving about in someone’s dreams.”😴

ide o to BYT…ide o to ZIT♥️ s láskou.


dont u ever feel like driving far, far destination. just driving and exploring, no turning back…:) come with me<3 i know you want to🌟

Reflections-, are my favorite details.

books, not guns. culture, not violance.

in Wonderland 🍥🐇

my aesthetic is a hoodie, tongue sticking out with my hand pulling out a chewing gum ( i dunno how is it possible i always have one with me👏🏼), a drink (water)with a phone in the other hand & beautiful ladies next to me 💕💕 📸: @kubokrizo

🌼🌸🔫TOTALLY SPIES🌸🔫🌼 & you already know you lowkey love this trio ☺️ 📸: jerry jkjk @kubokrizo 💋

a sum up, about how we do parties👏🏼 📸: @kubokrizo 💕💕(na iphone a jak pan)


take me back to #TTOKYO 💔 📸: @pepamack miss you😘

80s😗🕺🏻 wearing @maxmara coat @off____white hoodie @jw_anderson x @uniqlo pants

have a beautiful and cool Sunday💋 cheers from my new friend butterfly and myself♥️ (📸by me)

“Natural-born mermaids are born with all mermaid powers, including some that human-turned-merperson do not possess. … A merperson’s powers are connected to their minds but they use their hands to channel their magic.”🧜🏼‍♀️🧚🏼‍♀️

we have so much to learn from animals… rather than slaughter them, less observe their behaviours and treat them with love, respect & kindness. thats where the real strenght comes from… unconsciousness is never the solution. being awake to possibilities to show power that we posess is dedicated to open-mind towards new ways of sharing this planet and preparing it for better now and future🦋🌪 my new butterfly friend, 📸 by me🤗


a sweet escape from a claws of reality… day dreaming is free and for everyone.

this color palette though ✨✨ ?: my grandma? (she does not own instagram account YET) glasses: @acnestudios blazer: @vintage sweatpants: @maisonmargiela

Emily Zoe is my first and happy model ;)♥️

IM STEPPING MY GAME UP!:’) hello another dream of mine coming true?-bought a new lens and promised myself that never in my life i will hear anymore “what i cant do” from me and from other people and surround myself with people who will say “YOU DO IT because we believe you can”… so thank you life and all the right people in my life, thanks to myself and to YOU that you are such a important& beautiful part of this ♥️ im learning and soon, just picture taken with this camera will pop up over here? (im teaching my grandma to take pictures of my fits ???)

? x 1000

vsetci evidujeme ze je vonku extremna zima :))))momentalne teploty dosahuju -15 stupnov a tieto mrazy mozu velmi uskodit ludom a psikom a roznym zvieratkam, ktori musia byt v tomto pocasi vonku. alternativy ako pomoct: ak vidite cloveka, ktory je vonku vo vecernych hodinach bez domova, skuste mu poskytnut informaciu o prenocovani v specialnych zariadeniach, pre taketo pripady a dat mu par eur na prepravu do tochto zariadenia. a ked mate psikov vonku, zoberte ich domov alebo do priestoru, kde im bude teplejsie. taktiez treba pravidelne kontrolovat vodu, pretoze rychlo zamrzne a nemaju pristup k prijmu tekutin. budem sa snazit hladat nejake informacie a konkretne alternativy miest, ktore budem napokon zdielat cez moju mystory. a skuste tuto spravu posuvat dalej, cim viac ludi to bude vediet a budu chciet pomoct, tym lepsie ?

talk to me nice, or talk to my ice ? ❄️@zuzanazemanjewelry

??‍♀️barbie vibes v @mimieu.x ??? od anicky ??‍♀️

yesterday ´s sessions ???w/ @zuzanazemanjewelry ?

Welcome to Paradise??? something to drink? ?

hell was a place on Earth with you????

this is my favorite picture, that i have ever taken…OF ALL TIMES! so much feels…soo much feeeels!!!?? first, the composition-my sister in her white coat like an gurdian angel looking over the World. -looking over kids that are on the right, the little angels, that the whole World is only waiting for -a teacher that teaches the kids what the World is going to be about. -the married old couple just going through the gate in the back. walking. together. on the journey called life and lived what the World offered them. – and ALL of “these”, in this beautiful space. open space. free space. a space with a HISTORY,with a PAST with NOW and with the FUTURE. i cannot desribe a feeling when creatively something that you see in a real life, you achieved take the exact emotion and feel on a picture. its like an photorgasm? FEEL THE VIBE ✨✨✨?


just places, sunglasses and no faces ?✨??‍♀️ last oneee, thank you for completing this unforgettable transformation that i shared, from this trip and museum-glyptoteket that if u r ever in denmark, copenhagen you should 100000% visit. i am pretty sure, if i would have lived there, i would go there very often. it is not usual that in museums people are allowed to freely take such a big amount of pictures and most importantly to paint and draw inside the museum, if its happening and i often visit museums its kinda my thing :))), there are so many people that its more stress rather than relax. this was special, because it was calm. so, ? thank you denmark, my sister for taking me on this ttrip! and to all recommendations that you guys gave me…?i actually visited almost all of them and they were great?thank you?

my essential, on the go??? @clinique “wink pop 05” @ctilburymakeup “in nude kate”

the room of “lovers” ❤️

me&mommy&babies ?❤️

a sad lady,an angry men and myself in between, what a beautiful confusion it is✨?

@ttapple_mood: LOSTT?

if only i would be born as a statue..this would be myself

One day,” you said to me, “I saw the sunset forty-four times!” And a little later you added: “You know one loves the sunset, when one is so sad…” “Were you so sad, then?” I asked, “on the day of the forty-four sunsets?” But the little prince made no reply.

#tb to awesome&legendary #TTOUR 2016??? vsetci sme sa zisli v mieri a s laskou, tak ako by to malo byt vzdy ❤️????? dame 2018 ediciu toto leto?? ake mesto treba navstivit? tagni kamosa, ktoreho by si zobral so sebou a napis mesto odkial si a vyberiem jedneho, ktoremu poslem klucenku??????? ps: o tyzden na mystory napisem vyhercu ;)

stones in my jewellery, what can they do to me? @zuzanazemanjewelry ??‍♀️??

GO GET YOURS IN MY DM? LAST STACK ??? do mojho DM napis tvoje meno, adresu a ak si prosis napisem aj special venovanie ??‍♀️????



ja chcem vzdy robit veci s myslienkou a chcem aby to co tvorim bola moja vizia, ale vzdy myslim aj nato akymi myslienkami sa inspirujem od vas a ako komplexne sa vytvori nieco, co ma premna dlhodoby vyznam a robi mi to nie chvilkovu ale kontinualnu radost. ze sa ucim, ze mam nove skusenosti a ze to co budem robit bude vzdy pre mna, pre vas odomna, od vas ale zo srdca a so vsetkym co vidim, co citam, co je okolo mna a co chcem odovzdat ja svetu, odovzdat tym, ktori maju pre mna a preto co tvorim pochopenie a❤️ moja capsule kolekcia bude mat myslienku a bude niest aj temu. chcem aby boli tie veci presne tak ako som si to planovala na zaciatku a nerobim ziadny kompromis aby som v nejakom smere uberala na kvalite a bude to tak ako som to do detailu chcela mat odprezentovane pre vas. ❤️ jar vyzera zatial bez slubu ale slubne na release mojej kolekcie a mojich dalsich projektoch o ktorych zatial mlcim, pretoze nikdy nechcem slubovat to, co slubit nemozem…planujem na jar/leto! vsetko tvorim pomaly, ale s laskou, cas je aj tak iluzia❤️ nech sa robi viac kvalitnych veci… ako len tie “do eteru” co nemaju dusu. #moresoul #2018 #ttapple1stcapsulecollection ??#comingsoon ?


like your soul, not mine? ??? @bobsdrunkofficial

velmi ma bavi podporovat projekty a ludi, ktori naozaj menia svet a robia nieco co ma skutocny zmysel. pomahaju, zachranuju, lubia… @pesvnudzi je jednym z takychto projektov a som fanusik od sameho pociatku!? dakujem, za tie najcool airforcy s labkami. a dakujem zato co robite a za vsetkych psikov, ktorych ste zachranili ❤️…musi to byt velmi narocne a napriek tomu nezistne dokazete pomoct a nezanevriet na dobro, ktore tvorite. ak si budete chciet air forcy limitovanej edicie zakupit, budu sa predavat uz tuto sobotu v limitovanom pocte. mozte sledovat a dozvediet sa viac ako pomoct, podporit, kde si co zakupit, na @pesvnudzi ??❤️

my life in matrix..??‍♀️

i want to make you feel things. i want to make you feel alive. i want you to grow with me & i want you to stay with me.



“stay hydrated, drink more water, no milk, be cool.”-2018 ?: @allexadame

ja a nekonecna armáda pičuškov v galerii @danubianamuseum ????❤️ps: koho vam pripominaju?? kazdy z nas v zivote takehoto jedneho mame?❤️ ALSO!-if i would recommend to visit one of many cool places in my country and city, its this gallery. its absolutely beautiful and very very cool! a pre nas, je to uplne iny svet, nez naco sme zvyknuty, naozaj doporucujem! bol to zazitok!:)❤️ a na svetovej urovni????

the message is pretty clear-make love, not war ????

??‍♀️ i use magic on you,indeed


you are the apple of my eye ❤️

mask on???‍♀️

legends only ??‍♀️

…ARE THE FUTURE OF EVERY YEAR & WE LOVE BOTH ?❤️ i love you, stay safe tonight⛄️


diamondsssss and nikesssss⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️

uz dlhsiu dobu som pisala o projekte, ktory je premna velmi osobny. bolo premna velmi dolezite, aby som si dala zalezat natom najst vhodnu chvilu, ludi, priestor a cas aby sa mohol zacat proces tvorby a napokon vam oznamit, nacom sme pracovali a co sme tvorili dlhe mesiace a co vsetko a viac sa tykalo tvorby mojej PRVEJ VLASTNEJ CAPSULE KOLEKCIE, ktora do par mesiacov bude hotova? chcela som sa vyhybat prislubom nezmyselnych datumov a tvorit to naozaj z lasky a z presvedcenia ze takto to malo byt a ze je to autenticke a skutocne. chcem aby tvorba hovorila za mna, ale z coho sa sa dufam budeme tesit vsetci je, ze ide naozaj o najkvalitnejsie materialy, najzaujimavejsie strihy a veci, ktore su pre mna velmi specificke a ti ktori ma sleduju mozno uz tusia ake veci to aj budu? postupne budem o tom aka je tema, co za veci budu a o celom procese, (ktory je velmi zaujimavy!) budem oznamovat v priebehu mesiaca. dakujem….dakujem a dakujem zato, mozem robit to co ma bavi a zdielat to s vami. sny sa plnia. tesim sa a dakujem najma tym, co sa tesia somnou! je to len zaciatok…??