legends of the fall heee♥️

glowing in my pink prada ? ?: @nlieskovska

precítiť. to. minimalne tak, ako ti ludia, ktori sa nato pozerali z budovy. ?: @nlieskovska



today, we serve… P R A D A with a spice of Gucci and bit of twist of Nike??‍? ?: @nlieskovska

a vampire ?

@h.a x @prada ??☂️????‍?

“the girls,girls,girls on a train”♥️


you have seat, just next to me.

& Yeeeeeees!


i say, YES!

#TTOKYOoOOooo ?uknow? ?: @boisbb ?


you will eventually grow, into loving me :)? #renémagritte #TheSonofMan ?

happy ?

only baby faces & diamonds are forever ? ?praha… dnes/zajtra @fashiondeala, @yaksha ?v v v v nedelu vecer dam von moj merch✨??‍♀️⚡️⚡️ & buducit tyzden napisem o dalsom projekte, na ktorom sa pracuje uz urcitu dobu ? je toho hodne co říct a to je dobře ??

coolest kids on the block?

“Act natural”….me…

@off_white hoodie, @heronpreston sweatpants, @vans shoes

always on the phone, haha s/o @kdrk & @monikakalickahair :-*



one of the most favorite ?that i have ever taken and i am proud of !!! of my sister that i am proud of! i mean the bird was a cherry on top! aesthetic ??‍♀️ we took the longer way to go, but we will get there girl. the path that is worth it, this picture is a reminder. we will rewrite history one day, together, @ttpmovie ???

your girl,? & your favorite beach?

“the Chosen”.. RoseGolden ?™

@ttpmovie ????

& during this sunset, there was kids and dogs running free. this i call a proper heaven-in santa barbara ???????? special moment :)

apple of discord?

post ranch inn “dinner place”

post ranch inn “tree houses”

post ranch in “tree houses”- details

post ranch inn “our house on the trip-tree house”

post ranch in “tree houses”- details

post ranch inn dinner

post ranch inn dinner


@nike cowboy on the throne

mother of dragons ?

cozy and stylish at all times ???

424 shop

424 shop

VIEWS ♥️♥️♥️?

beverly hills hotel “Exit”

G class only

violet grey store in melrose place!

my hotel room in beverly hills hotel <3

new york times every morning at beverly hills hotel <3

venice beach

venice beach is always very strange but fun!!!

beverly hills hotel

beverly hills hotel

camoflauge level 1000

santa barbara, four seasons hotel

your LA candy girl, on your way to bring you some?????????????

it is you and me. and this porsche. lets get away and never come back. we will see the whole wide World. together.

boys boys boys ?


ttypical ttourist ? ? ??

hello hollywood ✨✨ i am home ☃️ ?los angeles, california ??

still remains close to my heart♥️