(i was writing this, as i was leaving tokyo and heading to the airport thinking about this year, 2016.) i always wonder how healthy is to share feelings on social media but than i remember, there are other kids out there just like me, who feels some type of way and we all go through staff and different emotions as human beings. by the end of the trip i was very touched by everything i experienced the 10 days in tokyo. yes i actually do travel a lot, as well i have been living in many different cities, considering my age but this was very different experience. strange but wonderful to realise staff. i understood lot of things wrong and i did not want to admmit it for a very long time even though i knew from the bottom of my heart how things should be. now i see it lot of “stuff differently. i got lot of messages from people that are going through a phases of life-feeling lost, sad, like nothing makes sense. sometimes, even though i assume to many people just positive, i also sometimes feel shitty. i never realised why, i feel this way, until i understood. people seem to be ashamed of emotions and try to hide their feelings and i want to change that. i dont think it is right. people need to share emotions so they put the bad energy out of their system so they will have capacity to let love in. i really like what picasso said-“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”-i think &feel it is so true!!! i thought it is bullshit and most of the time i didnt want to hear, these clische staff and most certainly you will not believe me either, but there comes this moment in life that you will realize as well. just dont give up on hope. dont get tide to past, it is called past for a reason. be careful and very aware of your value, dont hangout and get attached just to anybody.really. some people just drag you down,is always better to be alone than lonely in a company. and create. create and create.

i am so done with 2016. you need to let go. yellow and purple-2017.??

we do supreme. but we do it differently. that is the deal. (? ?)

#ttokyo #2016

my very first very rare @louisvuitton ???

life aint easy sober, we live so geeky did just what u taught us kept peace, no drama

?DNES o 21:00 vyhlasujem SUTAZ, na mojej INSTA STORY kto somnou nafoti LOOKBOOK k mojmu novemu merchu ttapple ❤️? dakujem kazdemu, kto sa do sutaze zapojil, casto mi pritom co som citala dosli slova ale zato u mna zavitala silna emocia udolia slz :D a vzdy si uvedomim ze som velmi vdacna, zato,kto ma sleduje, vzdy je to premna kvalita>kvantita a to si chcem navzdy zachovat. …a vy ste ?. niekto vam to povedat musi a som rada ze to mozem byt ja ? kazdy. jeden. z vas. ? ked si citam tie slohy, som na vas pysna<3 dakujem za ucast a mile slova, mam vas rad. uprimne ?

??current #inspirattion?? all the photos, experiences, from #tokyo ?soon updated on: ❤️??TTAPPLE.com ??❤️ ps: kid cudi’s album is fire!!!<3 love. my favorite tracks are commander,releaser, frequency,by design??‍♀️??


i look like mickey mouse. and my mouth like this?

nocturnal animal in #tokyo at night ??

i said to myself i will not invest into bape, until i visit japan! i kept my promise. i bought my very first piece, and ofcourse ?its sweatpants!!!?✌?️❤️

s/o kolaboracii @footshop x mojim kamosom hahacom (@hahacrewzayo @sameyhahacrew) za moj opasok,ktory momentalne sa stal mojim velmi dolezitym aspektom v smere stylingu? dakujem chlapci <3 kolaboraciu a veci z tejto kolakcie, najdete exluzivne len v predajni @footshop v bratislave, novej krasnej predajni, ktoru uz teraz vsetci mame radi, lebo je zatym vela poctivej prace a vysledok je adekvatny kvalite a vyzera to super, som rada ze na slovensku sa otvoril tak cool stylovy sneakershop, mam radost, veci idu dobrym smerom, ?✌?️

? ??????soon ?:on TTAPPLE.com⚡️? ?follow my insta story that i guarantee is fully packed with everything out here like food, shops, my face, dogs, cats, people, styling, weird moments, funny moments, emotional moments and more moments??? and everything that i see in #tokyo with my vision,trough my eyes, point of view. maybe i start to talk there soon hmm?? styled with: jacket: @foreveruniqueofficial pants: @hm x kenzo belt: @footshop sunglasses: @miumiu


??❤️ big in Japan

maybe too much contrast, BUT, this is picture is #TOKYO ??? i feel like i finally belong to some place! its so cool people dont judge and everything is so cool, the streets?, the vibe?, the colors?️‍?, the culture⛩, the FOOD?,the style?, very powerful?✨ s/o to iphone 7? ?#ttokyo #series

#tokyo #drift ??✌?️ #2016 #ttokyo #series #ttaxi

s/o to everyone, who dm me, that is happy for me for my dream coming true, i wish for you all the same, i hope one day, we eat sushi here all together?? thank you for being happy for me,you are cool!!!❤️ #TTOKYO is so cool!?✌?️??

TOKYO !!! can you believe it? i cant believe i am here. my dream-since i was a tiny sperm. life is beautiful. Tokyo is beautiful. ????? ?: @pepamack


s @nlieskovska fotim uz odmalicka, vlastne sa pozname od 16 a je velmi mile pozorovat ako sme spolu s fotografiou rastli. kanye sa nam pacil este ked ziadna yeezy season nebola a chceli sme robit a snivali sme o velkych veciach este ked vsetci sa vsetkemu zodpovednemu vyhybali a chceli sa len zabavat, my sme si vymienali knihy, zachranovali psov a macky a fotili. a fotili sme vela a je to skvele vidiet ako sa clovek natych fotkach meni ci fyzicky, ale o co viac si rozvija mysel a ked vidim mojich kamaratov sa rok co rok zlepsovat a rast v lepsich ludi, som velmi uprimne zo srdca pysna. nicole je jedna z tych ludi, ktora sa vzdy posuva dopredu a vzdy robi veci s pokorou. vzdy som obdivovala najviac mladych ludi, ktori tvorili a robili aby si plnili sny a to ze sa stara tak o psikov ako sa stara a pomaha vela utulkacom a stratenym mackam, tuto vasen mame spolocnu a som rada ze stale sa najdu este ludia co nerobia veci pre profit, ale pomaha nezistne a tento typ lasky je ten najprirodzenejsi a zaroven preto najlepsi. vzdy budem podporovat mojich kamaratov, ktori sa snazia,tvoria a robia dobre veci pre tento svet❤️ a dakujem bubovi ze aj ked na fotkach nebol drsny tak ako sme chceli, vydrzal aspon pozovat???

#TTAPPLE #MERCH #2016/2017 #COMMINGSOON ✨✨????

uz dlhsiu dobu som chcela zrealizovat novy merch, ale cakala som na spravneho umelca, ktory da merchu tu spravnu esenciu! ?❤️pri tejto prilezitosti som mala to stastie spoznat @peelingskinoff, ktora je nesmierne talentovana a tesim sa,ze vzdy pomocou tychto kreativnych veci, spoznavam najma super ludi. je to skvele a prijemne?? k merchu som vymyslela SUTAZ, ktoru budem zajtra zdielat❤️!!!✨✨✨✨

merch,loobook,vizual, by som chcela nafotit na VAS ??? a PRETO, na fotenie lookbooku k merchu ttapple sa mozu zapojit dievcata aj chlapci, vyherca bude len JEDEN, na foteni bude profesionalny fotograf a vizazista ku kreacii vizualu???✨? podmienky sutaze: 1.zdielaj akukolvek fotku z blogu ci instagramu @ttapple a k popisu fotky napis co citis, ze spolocne zdielame,alebo cokolvek o sebe, co mas na sebe rad, cokolvek, co mas chut napisat. staci aj slovo, ak je vystizne! 2.na fotke oznac a tagni @ttapple, aby som ta mohla najst  3.pod tuto fotku, oznac kamarata/kamaratov, ktorych doporucujes na fotenie alebo s kym, by si chcel/a merch fotit 4.na fotenie musis mat povolenie rodicov, aby nikto neutekal z domu heh :) vyhercu vyzrebujem o tyzden, 11.12 a z fotenia si samozrejme odnesies merch a budem ta zdielat na vsetkych mojich socialnych sietach a blogu? urcite sa zapoj,tesim sa??

“i feel like citizen in this parking lot county fair, its time to greyhound and come back drifter put it all in one bag” jean michel basquiat <3

today, i visited museum musec, ( i cannot tag them, cuz it was prohibited to take pictures but i managed very well like a pro :D)due to the exhibition of jean-michel basquiat, actually-one of my favorite artists of all times. i thought i couldnt be more impressed by his art and passion towards his work, but i was wrong. i couldnt resist the feeling of respect for each of the artist, because i believe in the genius part of their life, that needs to be respected and it has to be very difficult to adjust themselves in the society, but what i have truly look up to, is the fact, that they create this life and World on their own and it is beautiful, not for society but for them and i find that very inspiring and touching. just because we do not understand someone ´s perpective on their life, doesnt mean that is wrong and judge them. i wish for me and for everyone else,having inner voice of artistic approach, because we were bon with it, and we always end up keeping focus on the wrong things instead expressing ourselves on things, that matters and having healthy opinion on the topic. i kind of always end up going to museums alone and maybe, it is because the experience is very personal and i like that. if you are in milano, go and see the exhibition i really highly recommend.its until february❤️ #jeanmichelbasquiat #thegeniusremains

we are too busy trying to find that blue eyed soul

introducing THE manchester pants??


#ufffff????? if this isnt fire then i dunno… who else copped?;)


after years of baggy pants, i am ready. its time. for, for skinny jeans. hello ?

??my face when you rock my World

we like boobs and grillz

i am my own stylist

broken hearts, broken promises, broken glass, its all part of life, you just need to step up the game sit next to the broken glass, forgive,accept it that things are meant to be broken in order to learn shit and sit on the floor and just chill as i did hahahaha


flaws are ok<3

precíť to

gucci please

do you ever relate to the feeling of your face not being in the mood, but your clothing says otherwise and there needs to be proper compromise, hm?

my two little brothers. (ofcourse i taught them how to pull of this look hehe) #cedric

@alberto_panocchi ❤️ via lanza 1 ?

<3 savage






my spirit animal

best fit of every year

reflection of my other self. new store @newbalanceitalia a Milano #NewBalanceMilano

its a disease. nobody thinks or feels or cares any more. nobody gets excited or believes in anything except their own comfortable little god damn mediocrity.


?? x ??for @hm x @kenzo ????❤️ #hm #hmkenzo #kenzohm in stores 3.11 ?: @lousyauber

?for @hm x @kenzo ????❤️ ??????????⚡️⚡️?? #hm #hmkenzo #kenzohm in stores 3.11 ?: @lousyauber

??????????⚡️⚡️?? ? x ? H&M KENZO ????❤️ #hm #hmkenzo in stores 3.11 ?: @lousyauber ps: velka vec??

controversial shoes,controversial life, as it is.

at @doverstreetmarketlondon <333333

coat: hmstudio /sweatpants: palaceskateboards / sneakers: air jordan / sunglasses: miu miu