coolest kids on the block?

“Act natural”….me…

@off_white hoodie, @heronpreston sweatpants, @vans shoes

always on the phone, haha s/o @kdrk & @monikakalickahair :-*



one of the most favorite ?that i have ever taken and i am proud of !!! of my sister that i am proud of! i mean the bird was a cherry on top! aesthetic ??‍♀️ we took the longer way to go, but we will get there girl. the path that is worth it, this picture is a reminder. we will rewrite history one day, together, @ttpmovie ???

your girl,? & your favorite beach?

“the Chosen”.. RoseGolden ?™

@ttpmovie ????

& during this sunset, there was kids and dogs running free. this i call a proper heaven-in santa barbara ???????? special moment :)

apple of discord?

post ranch inn “dinner place”

post ranch inn “tree houses”

post ranch in “tree houses”- details

post ranch inn “our house on the trip-tree house”

post ranch in “tree houses”- details

post ranch inn dinner

post ranch inn dinner


@nike cowboy on the throne

mother of dragons ?

cozy and stylish at all times ???

424 shop

424 shop

VIEWS ♥️♥️♥️?

beverly hills hotel “Exit”

G class only

violet grey store in melrose place!

my hotel room in beverly hills hotel <3

new york times every morning at beverly hills hotel <3

venice beach

venice beach is always very strange but fun!!!

beverly hills hotel

beverly hills hotel

camoflauge level 1000

santa barbara, four seasons hotel

your LA candy girl, on your way to bring you some?????????????

it is you and me. and this porsche. lets get away and never come back. we will see the whole wide World. together.

boys boys boys ?


ttypical ttourist ? ? ??

hello hollywood ✨✨ i am home ☃️ ?los angeles, california ??

still remains close to my heart♥️

when they told you to smile on a picture ??☃️

REAL FRIENDS ♥️ party in a taxi, london ? luv you guys!! and miss you

best possible way to have sixpack is to laugh till you cry hahaha, miss you guys♥️♥️♥️ london, 2017 ?


spatřil jsem kometu chtěl jsem jí  zazpívat.. ..O vodě o trávě o lese o smrti se kterou smířit nejde se o lásce o zradě o světě a o všech lidech co kdy žili na téhle planetě✨✨??

@h.a silk on fleek?

shoutout :)) protoze tvoji tvorbu mam moc rad. ? @pastaoner ?

and you R dessert to my dinner ??

its not big deal, i just wanted to show you that my sunglasses match my nails and my nails match my drink ?: @nlieskovska ✨ @grape_festival

young van gogh?

before the haircut ??? with my new dior shades ? (btw shot with iphone 7 plus portrait mode, its so cool?!)

taka fotka len

sa nudim na plazi

people on social media or anywhere really are so easy to judge.. with no shame whatsoever. but your contribute to this society is what you say and write says more about you than about anyone else. just think about it..our emotion is a word of one soul to the outside reality and the social media became a Matrix of a new form how people fight with their own issues towards negative energy on other people profiles. but, all kinds of bodies are beautiful. all kinds of faces are beautiful. all kinds of styles are beautiful. perfection is only an illusion. there became this new idea of beauty which involves eating disorders, photoshop, plastic surgeries and we subconciously see this images and want to become the people we see. to be honest, I am effected about this as well. but i am not ashamed of my body, i am not ashamed that sometimes i look like shit on pictures, i was born like this. like fuck it. we all were born to be who we are meant to be and this constant needs of quick changes… we need to understand that it is about working on our bodies as working on our minds. because the mind is a set up which leads to a way how to be ok with ourselves. that is a only contribution to this society and social media World that is very much needed-to judge less. when i judge is mostly the things I wish to be or when I dont feel good about something on myself. but I want to change I am awake enough to understand a fact that I dont have to be this way in my mind just for the sake of society. if you change, the World changes. who are we to judge anyways.. we are all humans after all.

bit of vibe from sardinia ??

little incognito??‍♀️

still in your dreams?:)

prave som na Sardinii, ale raz by som chcela navstivit aj Jamajku?? ? ake zazivas #letosnov ty?? #mojeletosnov s @cocacolaczech ❤️?❤?❤? #cocacolaczech #ad