when they told you to smile on a picture ??☃️

REAL FRIENDS ♥️ party in a taxi, london ? luv you guys!! and miss you

best possible way to have sixpack is to laugh till you cry hahaha, miss you guys♥️♥️♥️ london, 2017 ?


spatřil jsem kometu chtěl jsem jí  zazpívat.. ..O vodě o trávě o lese o smrti se kterou smířit nejde se o lásce o zradě o světě a o všech lidech co kdy žili na téhle planetě✨✨??

@h.a silk on fleek?

shoutout :)) protoze tvoji tvorbu mam moc rad. ? @pastaoner ?

and you R dessert to my dinner ??

its not big deal, i just wanted to show you that my sunglasses match my nails and my nails match my drink ?: @nlieskovska ✨ @grape_festival

young van gogh?

before the haircut ??? with my new dior shades ? (btw shot with iphone 7 plus portrait mode, its so cool?!)

taka fotka len

sa nudim na plazi

people on social media or anywhere really are so easy to judge.. with no shame whatsoever. but your contribute to this society is what you say and write says more about you than about anyone else. just think about it..our emotion is a word of one soul to the outside reality and the social media became a Matrix of a new form how people fight with their own issues towards negative energy on other people profiles. but, all kinds of bodies are beautiful. all kinds of faces are beautiful. all kinds of styles are beautiful. perfection is only an illusion. there became this new idea of beauty which involves eating disorders, photoshop, plastic surgeries and we subconciously see this images and want to become the people we see. to be honest, I am effected about this as well. but i am not ashamed of my body, i am not ashamed that sometimes i look like shit on pictures, i was born like this. like fuck it. we all were born to be who we are meant to be and this constant needs of quick changes… we need to understand that it is about working on our bodies as working on our minds. because the mind is a set up which leads to a way how to be ok with ourselves. that is a only contribution to this society and social media World that is very much needed-to judge less. when i judge is mostly the things I wish to be or when I dont feel good about something on myself. but I want to change I am awake enough to understand a fact that I dont have to be this way in my mind just for the sake of society. if you change, the World changes. who are we to judge anyways.. we are all humans after all.

bit of vibe from sardinia ??

little incognito??‍♀️

still in your dreams?:)

prave som na Sardinii, ale raz by som chcela navstivit aj Jamajku?? ? ake zazivas #letosnov ty?? #mojeletosnov s @cocacolaczech ❤️?❤?❤? #cocacolaczech #ad

when u r a single mother handling business in two inches heels 8-) ?: @sabikrumparova

all kinds of moods? @ttapple_mood @ttapple_mood @ttapple_mood ( this picture is not my design, i took a picture in an atelier where we were creating my own design, but yes, my new merchandise is done & after being produced i will release it?!) theme of the merchandise is @ttapple_mood :)

?GIVEAWAY FOOTSHOP POUKAZKA? taaakze, spolocne s @footshopom sme dostali skvely napad na sutaz ? aby mal kazdy sancu na vyhru a vybrat si skutocne co by sa mu pacilo a vybrane produkty skutocne nosil, mozes vyhrat POUKAZKU v hodnote?? 130 EUR ?? a v predajniach @footshop alebo na online stranke vybrat si akykolvek produkt/produkty, prave v hodnote poukazky. …a este tu sa to nekonci:) ak sa budes moct dostavit do bratislavy ci prahy, do kamenneho obchodu pojdem s tebou a pomozem ti vybrat, ake si kupit;) vsetci vedia a ti co nevedia by vediet mali haha, ako velmi ja lubim tenisky, to je moja specialitka, takze za tenisky sa budem tesit najviac?❤ ‼️‼️PODMIENKY sutaze‼️‼️ 1. repostni tuto fotku s hashtagom #ttapplexfootshop 2. followni ttapple a footshop 3. tagni FS a TT 4. komentar pod Fotku ”TTxFootshop” ?na vyhru, musis splnit VSETKY podmienky? vyhercu vyhlasim 6.8 o 21:00 na mojej insta story ❤️ bude sranda, tesime sa ?

my spirit animal eva green & my forever mood in super cool movie dark shadows by tim burton playing my favorite character as always-villain?


little rambo?

my World, upside down ?

?”Leopards generally are active mainly from dusk till dawn, and rest for most of the day and for some hours at night in thickets, among rocks or over tree branches.”


i dont wanna hear no more bull$hit ?

i just try to keep it sane, in this insane World..come and play with me, you choose who you want to be…its this thing called life, its like a video game. ?

lawyer at your disposal ;)

@traun834 at @fashiondeala ?

i am experiencing currently such an interesting stage of my life. reflecting upon how much i wanted to do what i am doing right now…what i wanted to give, to create, to built and to grow… and now its all happening. i wanted to give my thoughts, i wanted to create things, built relationship with good, creative people and grow as a person to a good humain being. sometimes in life, it really is all about fuck what others say because in the end it is you, that you have to be happy with what you are. the more i grow, the more i understand that if you are cool with yourself you do not need to go destroying other human beings and no matter what is it you want to do or become, how you treat others ultimately says a lot about you and it affects your life big time. therefore working on yourself is numero uno! until you are ready to make the others to grow with you and than you built each other up and that i am grateful and thankful for starting to realize how it really is important. & that is the universal truth. i am still not there but finally, i am on the right path. it took me some time to really understand. so this is a clear message to the people who are wondering where my energy is flowing. :))) i needed this creativy and love in my life and cheers to all of those who are being part of it ? you know who you are? its all coming very soon… some projects sooner, some projects later but good things take time? looking forward to all of this? and s/o to my outfit ??? uknowskateboards jacket? to the most cozy @heronpreston ☣️sweatpants and vans from @footshop ?

#nikegirl for president?

The new special field mid air force 1 avaliable on tomorrow (Monday)? styled by @valeriasemu? ?:@sha___ribeiro #nike #nikegirlz?? @nike @nikesportswear

what about to put the “Attitude” on the Special Field? ;) The new special field mid air force 1??? styled by @valeriasemu? ?:@sha__ribeiro #nike #nikegirlz??? @nike @nikesportswear


baby and mama kind of love, is my favorite kind of love ?

i had written so many captions for this picture, but i feel like it speak for itself. it is the most natural, real honest and intimate picture i have ever shared on social media, because in the end is the most “me” and the most “naked” that i ever will be. this is naked, from the soul. no makeup, even the scarf on my forehead from my childhood is seen and a human being that i love the most, is sharing a hug with me. it is so rare to capture a moment like this on a picture and i know, because i have taken thousands of pictures. i wouldnt believe i am capable of loving so much, until i “met” this human being. for all i accomplished in my life so far the most thankful i am for the love i am capable to feel so deeply.. thank you to all of those, who gave me ability to feel loved and to feel love.

makeup free and nipple free summer ????


? say no more.




press like, when you think sometimes its better to shut the phuck up. silence™ for life. ?: @kubo.vazan

..my new room is in progress?? soon to be finished and involved in my first video ? interior decorating is one of my most favorite hobbies, there is :) ps:if you want to order this type of skate that is creating art and collaborating with different artists write me DM ?

vintage versace vintage furniture & @alyxstudio vans ?

when you lowkey dont give a fuck?

MODERN PAINTING. only in paris,??, hehe ?: @sashagachulincova

my tshirt says it for me (:

@raf_simons_archives ??‍♀️ educating myself on this topic.

minding my own business. mindset 2017-forever

from milan to paris, real quick??. walking all these miles in jordans, @footshop ???

when life gives you apples, you eat them.

“what do you mean by the apple is posioned??”

so i went to a market and bought a tee. 1 of 1 with beautiful message-make love, not war ❤

lasy bo$$ me, jordans w/ @footshop ?

lady me in my pradassss? ?

soo, what do you wanna be when you grow up? well, i always wanted to be a painting, so i became one.

?: @nlieskovska ?

(naked) soul? ?

rather have feelings, to be sensitive,emotional,cry rivers, oceans, than to be a dick-ttapple, 2017 ?: @nlieskovska