i believe in #solidarity?

& my grandmother took this picture? #solidarity

ahhh summer? (almost)?? bra: @hm studio ? pants: @givenchyofficial from @luxuryboutiquebratislava ? sneakers: jordans from @footshop ❤ ?: @nlieskovska


this picture somehow reminds me of my childhood back in the days. when i was sitting under the trees of blossoming cherries and apples at my grandparents place. too lazy to gather them but too curious to have a bite. ?? it reminds me how the sun made its way trough the trees and only few rays made it to land on my hair. dazzling in the sunshine…just being a child. but is was never about “just” being a child. being child is awesome, stay/be awake but dont you dare grow up too much❤ ?: @nlieskovska

it was one of those days… when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold. when it is summer in the light and winter in the shade…<3 ?: @nlieskovska

masterpiece completed ?last one, ??


authenticity [ɔːθɛnˈtɪsɪti]



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say hi to my new baby, that was soldout worlwide, but somehow we managed to cross paths in each other lives and is finally mine <3 @off____white ?

✨✨✨ahh i cant even explain how much my life changed for better when i cut my hair ? & it is so sunny and beautiful in milan? today i wear givenchy pants from @luxuryboutiquebratislava and jordan royals from @footshop ?? ladies! they still have few online ;) go get them?

IMG_0818 (1)





❤… & the food was delicious.

@ttapple_mood : milan, italy ✨

all my kicks, from @footshop ?❤


i am planning soon to do videos ❤ my new room is going to be featured in one of the first videos? #youtubechannel x #ttapple #2017


so………I CUT MY HAIR?? and i never felt better with my haircut.✨ i am so #HAPPY that this particular happiness make me look like 10 again hahahaha… but i am so so happy!!!???????? s/o @monikakalickahair for taking care of my hair and making this experience so cool, talking about life you know while drinking proseco… i felt like in hollywood ? peace&love yall ??

“The mark of your ignorance is the depth of your belief in injustice and tragedy. What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the Master calls the butterfly.”?

@balenciaga gurl ?: @nlieskovska

plants grow so much, when you give them love and respect their individuality. we are part of the nature, it is so important to support humans too. therefore, we love&support … ?????? ?: @nlieskovska

#tb short hair, dont care ? ? @balenciaga ?: @nlieskovska

@ttapple_mood ? (i will tag all of these pictures featured on account of @ttapple_mood) ?

@ttapple_mood ?

so, you guys already know how much i adore moods,(moodboards,saved button) i am still pretty much hoping to have a job, where i will get paid for doing this haha. ??? while i am still waiting i created an instagram account for myself and everybody who is interested in being inspired but these “moods” that i will share on daily basis for an inspiration and tag the people, friends, featured & by this giving them proper s/o? it is just for fun anyway but it is creative, so if you wish to follow my/the “moods” my account is- @ttapple_mood ? ps: more creative projects comming soon ?



one day ?


?: @houseofdaniel

MTV welcome to my crib ?

COOL&THEGANG ?: @nightshow35

to BE or not to BE ? s/o @bsideldn hoodie ?

coolest kids make the coolest jackets thats the way it issssss ?? s/o to the kindest and inside/out coolest, slovakian finest @uknowskateboards ??? @footshop nikes and @areyouami top ?❤

it is so important to help out. any help is important and positive change:) go to my facebook PAGE “ttapplecom” for an online “CHARITY BAZAR” basically, i am selling my clothing and all the profit goes to organization that helps, animals to make their lives and condition better ? THE LINK IS IN MY BIO ?


“in this World, but not of this World.”-me,2017☁️

“MEET THE MUSE” @highsnobiety ? link in my bio ? ?:@ftrjivxi ?: @mariavittoriareale ?: @gessibless

“MEET THE MUSE” at @highsnobiety pinch me someone, so i know its real?? i feel so grateful. being able to share my thoughts with the World and having the best team around. it takes a lot of patience but if you are kind and humble life takes you there. i truly believe it is not the easy path but the path that is worth it, being a good person but taking each step towards making a dream come true and never let get the negativity and rage of others to get to you. you do your own thing! i knew what i share will find its people and even though i dont have milions of following the thousands are worth trilions for myself. i believe it because i dream it. and many times in my life my dream became true because i had a vision, dream and mission to love what i do and do it for others too. for me, i will not lie, like i was genuiely so happy true happy inside when i saw this published, my friends, fans and family text me i feel so grateful. when you read the interview carefully you will understand how much you guys mean to me and it will never shall change. so true ” keeping her fam close, but fans closer” hahaha i think it will by my next tattoo ?? special thank you, @ftrjivxi you believe my vision and you are such a kind person. my friend kind of combination in a person. thank you for the beautiful ? to many more❤ @mariavittoriareale my visual soulmate and instead of competing we support each other and building each other up ? thank you for styling? @gessibless for my cool makeup? it takes a TTEAM? thank you and s/o @highsnobiety ? read the interview, link in my bio :)


when me and my grandma do a lookbook ? #spring ?


just another casual day at home ???

how i spent my friday nights ? thank you beautiful spring & @areyouami for being comfortable and sooo women ?, love ??????????


i admire artists such as painters so much. i think it must be beautiful to express yourself through this specific type of art. super inspiring.

my funny friend, who liked me and believed in me since i was 13 years old? thats precious ? s/o @9ina1 ? ?: @welinna

yet, another dream of mine becoming true. i have been waiting for this for so long, but being patient enough, i found brand that comes from my country (slovakia) ❤ and that i have the opportunity to support this brand because i believe it should be exposed even more to the World but is already represented in paris fashion weeks! i truly love support locals but i am being more aware and more selective through my experiences supporting only products that i truly find beautiful, progressive, kind and i look into not only the history, fabrics, style, lookbooks and visuals in general, but also how the people treat you within creation of the product till you recieve it. the brand with gorgeous clothing, delicate high quality garments and fabrics, cool visuals and kind people is @neheraofficial ? thank you @neheraofficial for my fashion week look. ?

especially these days, when i have time to read more books (i find always time to read books anyway?) i will always add my favorite books and favorite parts on my story here on instagram ? also after reading the books i would like to gift some of the books to the you guys when you will be interested ?its a delicate way to share? if you have some tips for me any good book that its amazing and i should read,please DM me! i red many of your recommended books and love them all? thank you for the tips and looking forward to new ones ?

ME. both-?,? my spirit animal. all day. everyday. anytime. anywhere. #HUMANZ

i was only six years old and predicted amazing future for #gorillaz, since a kid i look up to them so much. i always have been loyal to their music, visuals and philosophy. if i admire someone in overall impression its gorillaz and cant wait for the new album, #HUMANZ 28.4 2017 ?

even in the darkest of places you find the light… and the light is love. and even when i dont look happy here i am truly very HAPPY ?? thank to every each of you for being part of my happiness and thank you for letting me share your happiness with YOU. love always, tt??

my new way of “wearing a hat” ?: @le21eme w/ @eliskachomistek ? DAY2 #mbpfw @mbpfw ??

jacket: @vetements_official dress:@celine tshirt: @alyxstudio tshirt: @hm

visual soulmates ❤? ?: @welinna #mbpfw @mbpfw