@ttapple on Instagram: “Tento rok si moje vlasy presli celkom velkymi zmenami. U @luka_colourist z @toniandguybratislava som si dala nafarbit vlasy najprv na…”

@ttapple’s Instagram post: “to live and live in LA”

@ttapple on Instagram: “im still not over the full moon in aries. so this is me, by my sis, on film, during full moon the other day, with all my moods in it. also…”

@ttapple on Instagram: “back in my hood :)”

@ttapple on Instagram: “my LV chainzzz”

@ttapple on Instagram: “THE REAL ROCKNROLLA on film.during sunset. calling out my spirits🖤”

@ttapple on Instagram: “i’m on a bag”

@ttapple on Instagram: “SELF PORTRAIT me by me on film also showing off my @statement.paris ring ring, because it deserves all the attention in tha World:)) love…”

@ttapple on Instagram: “toto je pre vsetkych, ktori lubia spring rolls💘 a ktorym som slubila ze “sharneme” recept 😃☺️🌼tieto su bezlepkove a plant based🌱 recept je…”

@ttapple on Instagram: “AMERICAN DREAM by @lenaluga 🖤”

@ttapple’s Instagram post: “hey World, this is Sibylla my sisters new baby im her cool aunty and when we are bored we make music videos to 50 cents music and cuddle in…”

@ttapple on Instagram: “from archives 🦋little🍄 (pozri nove stories, ohladom #savetheplanetchallenge 2. challenge moda/fashion) hovorim tam aj o kuskoch, ktore…”

@ttapple on Instagram: “i miss LALAnd ⭐️ so whos gonna love me and marry me so i can finally move to states?😂😂😂”

@ttapple on Instagram: “this song is SUCH A VIBE. @dontoliver !! you king of vibin. which vibe of these three is ur fave?😛 ps: thank you wind for the special…”

@ttapple on Instagram: ““LOVE is the total absence of fear, LOVE asks no questions. it is natural state is one of extension and expansion, not comparison and…”

@ttapple on Instagram: “on Wednesdays we wear pink hair and all black . #tbt baby wearing @eyerim.eyewear #eyerimwear @prada 🖤”

MIU MIU shadessSssS🐍🗡🧠✨ #miumiu #eyerimeyewear #eyerim @eyerim.eyewear 🐝🏎🛸🍋

žiť s plným vedomím-i love that 🧠🐰

yesterday tattoo session!🗡 w/@tykerky ♥️♥️♥️




a blessing to feel everything so deeply. i understand that now♥️ 📸: @nlieskovska 🛸🧠🧚🏼‍♀️

going for a spin🛸

🤠 my favorite pair of jeans i own right now are made by @vivienbabicova🤩(dnes ma talk na pohode, <3🧠o 17:00) a dakujem ze nas spojil @iprum_ , najprijemnejsie projekty su tie uzitocne :-)🛸🐰 📸: @lubo.baran

i bought this supreme tee knowing that a portion of sales made from these tees benefit organizations working to protect kids and aid families impacted by Trump´s administration ´ s immigration policies. i am not saying buy a tee and it solves anything but for everyone who understands how crucial it is to help and how bad this situation is, its starting a conversation that is important for a change that needs to be done! i do not want to spread hate and say fck trump because i feel like what Worlds need now is to know, feel and spread more love, compassion and to know true kindness and not to “fight” against anything, but to show people the other way. the love way. only a person who does not know love, can use his “power position” to make a choice to tear families apart. in any World this will never be a solution and it causes damage that if does not stop now can cause a very serious consequences. i cannot believe i would live in a World, writing that its crucial for families to stay together, to love their children. kids are very easily shaped and if they are not taught love, they will turn to hate and the circle always continues until they are not showed otherwise. if we live in a culture that should be an example of inteligence, it does not only comes with rational decisions but also the ones that heart is involved and tearing families apart, buldings walls is like going to past and does not learn from it. there is no happiness found in these times where are buildings walls between people solve anything. …(CONTINUE IN COMMENTS) Below⬇️

🧝🏻‍♀️ shot in LA🌴in my bros mustang by @jennifalk ♥️

when u crack the code out of matrix to lead a happy life deep thinking look

@aerodromefest dakujem, ze som mohla vidiet lasku @lanadelrey na zivo. jej energia, vibe a cela jej bytost je este velkolepejsia, ked je videna na vlastne oci a “pocuta” na vlastne usi! je to dalsi zo splnenych snov🌱🧠♥️ este cudi a m.i.a and my life is complete ;) na sebe mam okuliare miu miu z @eyerim.eyewear, sortky vintage levis, kabat vintage chanel, bag je @jacquemus a martensky z @footshop 🐝💖 modriny su zadarmo a sucastou zivota😇😃

🌱 dreams are a core of my being and damn… they do come true. excited for my life right now and everyone who is a part of it🛸🍄♥️ super great projects are on their way…🚇🤞🏼

not from this planet, but temporary on this planet.👽

🐰x fendi x @drmartensofficial A!-v mojom bio najdes moj osobny vyber z @footshop 🐝 A! a tento mesiac budem mat novy merch, bude niest temu bude limitovany a aj ked som do kolekcie nechcela nic davat von, stalo sa to prirodzene a mam z neho radost. bude to kolaboracia s mojou grafickou designerkou(<3) a pojde vonku v juli!🧠👁 A!!! release mojej kapsule kolekcie bude v Septembri :-) A! buduci tyzden restockujem klucenky🦇🎞 sooo you can get one next week🤞🏼 viac info na mojej mystory🍄💋

👩🏼‍🔬 @jacquemus my @drmartensofficial are from @footshop :) ( they also have @drmartensofficial vegan leather options in many colors online, go to @footshop and type @drmartensofficial to find yours😘)

🏎vrmmmm vrm

say cheeeeese! 😬

detox 🏜💖 📸: @mariavajda :*

👁 i see you.

back home. in a pool while it was raining. life can be so tender and beautiful. i love to stay out when it rains it makes me feel reborn to wash all away all the bad… life is right now only.



good morning😘🏄🏼‍♀️7am.


design of these Miu Miu shades is sooooo iconic…it’s funny cuz when someone talks about my style, one of the first things that pops up is these shades, i wear them so often, they are my thing and that’s why @eyerim.eyewear is so awesome that they pluged me with these new ones! i say go get them♥️♥️♥️ or if you wanna find some great sunglasses for yourself, go and check out their webpage: www.eyerim.sk😘 #eyerim #eyerimeyewear #miumiu

summer ready like i have never left ;)

paris who?😁

“Microplastics in our seas now outnumber stars in our galaxy”… would you believe what this World has come to? yes its true and this planet, this World, this environmet that we grow up in deserves so much more than this. everything plastic sucks! so… “dear environment” i know you suffer, but a few of us do care and we will teach each other and next generations to do better. ♥️ i set an example for myself and for the sake of environment, i started to eat a plan-based diet, minimize my closet,buy less staff, recycle and try to avoid plastic of any kind. without healthy environment or enviroment of any kind we wouldnt be here, so its today and its from the beginning of the time till the end of it.♥️ #forbettertodayandfuture #environmentday is #everyday me and Emily Zoe by 📸: @mariavajda 🎞💌😘

friends at sunsets. i know its special. 📸: @kristofko (happy birthdayyy:)

weekend getaways🛸

picasso’s wife. or should I say a “LOVER”?🌝

ak mate s touto temou skusenosti, poznatky, cokolvek, bude super ked si navzajom tieto informacie budeme odovzdavat,ucit sa a objavovat nieco nove a pozitivne.mala som to stastie najst v tomto smere kamosku, s ktorou navstevujeme rozne miesta a prave od nej mam vela typov na veganske restauracie a moznosti “zatial len v bratislave”, ale od nej som sa naucila v tomto smere ze neexistuje slovo neda sa :) takze ak chces tieto miesta navstivit, sleduj @vegan_bratislava ♥️ a vsetko ostatne budem zdielat na mojom instagrame a blogu✌🏼😘 planujem k tejto oblasti zivota pristupovat velmi zodpovedne, autenticky a zohladnit vsetky aspekty toho, ako tato zmena vplyva na mna celkovo, kazdopadne zatial je to zivotna zmena, ktora ma robi spokojnou vo velmi vela smeroch a preto som sa rozhodla ju s vami aj zdielat, pretoze aj napriek tomu ze niekto to moze vnimat ako trend, popri vsetkych zivotnych styloch mi tento typ starania sa o seba sameho a odslobodenia sa od ublizenia zvieratam, ktore milujem je pre mna zatial ten,v ktorom chcem pokracovat. pripravovala som sa nato v podstate cely moj doterajsi zivot, takze vsetko postupne a s kludom, nic nemusi byt radikalne uplne. nech kazdy robi tak ako citi, tak aby to prospelo ich zdraviu a ked nahodou niekedy budete mat chut na bezmasity den, pojdete sa pozriet sem a najdete tip na super chutne bez zivocisne jedlo😁😘 moj cely instagram nikdy nemal byt otom niekomu ublizit alebo byt bad influence, prave naopak, motivuje ma stale na sebe pracovat byt lepsim clovekom a ist snad dobrym prikladom. takze kludne ak mate nejake otazky na tuto temu napiste mi a co by vas zaujimalo najviac, to sa tu aj objavi. :)

v poslednej dobe som zmenila radikalnejsie zivotny styl :) chcela som vediet ako sa pri tejto zmene budem citit a v spravnej chvili to s vami zdielat. tato zmena bola najma o tom prestat konzumovat zivocisne produkty-maso, ryby, mliecne vyrobky…etc., ale zaroven sa vzdelavat aj v oblasti mody, kde sa snazim hlavne eliminovat kozene produkty a zaujimat sa o vyrobny proces (hlavne co sa tyka fast fashion). po dlhom procese vzdelavania a odhodlavania sa, sa priblizujem k teme, kym sa vlastne touto zmenou “stavam”… nechcem sa limitovat ani definovat nalepkou “vegan”, ani akoukolvek inou nalepkou a skatulkovanim. definicia tychto slova ma ovela sirsi pojem ako len temu stravy, no chcem povedat ze sa snazim vzdelavat v kazdej oblasti (od stravy po oblecenie) o com budem hovorit v dalsich postoch. rozhodla som sa zlepsit kvalitu svojho zivota, zdravia a zivotneho stylu no uvedomujem si, ze to co moze vyhovovat mne, druhym nemusi. netvrdim ze to ako zijem ja, je spravne. netrufam si taktiez nikomu radit, ako zit. je to cesta, ktorou som sa rozhodla ist ja a mam urcitu platformu, ktoru si velmi vazim a chcem tuto cestu s vami zdielat a mozno niekoho inspirovat ze veci sa daju zmenit, ak skutocne chceme. ja sa rada necham inspirovat druhymi a viem ze su ludia, ktori maju podobnu zivotnu cestu ako ja a motivuje ma zdielat/odovzdavat si poznatky…( CITAJ DALEJ V KOMENTOCH;)

stastie hovorim tomu spoznavat vas osobne a pocuvat, vidiet a najma citit ze vasim uprimnym snom je robit tento svet lepsim. kazdy den dakujem ze ma sleduju ludia ako ste vy.som vzdy v nemom uzase co vsetko z vas je, bude a ja vo vas tak velmi verim…ze nas dnesok je za lepsiu buducnost, ktora zmeni svet…, ktoru tvorite aj vy. verite v lasku… lasku k ludom, k prirode, k sebe, kumne, k druhym…s vami bude svet vzdy len rast a je to nadej ze este su ludia, ktorym zalezi a ktori sny podlozia skutkami. stretla som buducich psychologov, veterinarov, doktorov…a ze to robit chcete, nech je to cokolvek prospesne a beriete to ako svoje poslanie, ktore vas naplnuje a robi stastnymi. a aj ked sa hladate, ja viem ze sa vzdy najdete, kazdy z nas sa obcas strati🕊 ste uzasni… kazdy. jeden. z vas. nech sa vam splnia vsetky vase sny a vsetko co chcete vo svojom zivote dosiahnut♥️

🃏dnes 👱🏼‍♀️🛸

túlať sa mestom…😇 inak, tieto pants od footshop x laformela kolaba, ktore nosim kazdy den odkedy ich mam (nieco cez tyzden), by som naozaj odporucila kazdemu kto ma taketo “nieco” rad. paci sa mi ze podporujem co je vyrabane na Slovensku a v Cesku v (nasich koncinach) ludmi, ktorym verim kreativne aj v tom ze to urobili naozaj dobre co sa tyka kvality. s tvorbou vlastnych veci, som pochopila ako je dolezite k tomu pristupovat s laskou a zodpovedne. a paci sa mi ze promujem to, co naozaj nosim, z toho ze to pisem mam len to, ze mi robia tie nohavice radost a ze chcem dat do povedomia, ze niekedy je lepsie si zaplatit nieco co nenosi meno znacky ako akakolvek komercna streetwearova znacka ale investovat do novych projektov kolaboracii a podporit ich. :) takze ja len tolko♥️ je super vediet kde sa co vyrobilo a odkial to pochadza. being conscious and awake is the new cool 😘 📸: @mariavajda

The only people for me are the mad ones: the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who… burn, burn, buuurn like fabulous yellow Roman candles ♥️

my type of nirvana is having a team around who i can trust in creative way and on spiritual level and my hobby is to believe in these people and support them. always have been supportive we only win when we support each other. this life never meant to be perfect, neither am i, but i accept who i am and i am thankful for who i am becoming because i have chosen the light instead of darkness and i chose people around me that i love to support. and you are part of my light and life. thank you all for lighting up my World😘 this shoot is dedicated to 🌞🕊 @mafinlaurincova 📸, mua @luccifermakeup 👏🏼 #35mm #film #love

business? we keep it casual. shot on film,35 mm🎞 by yours truly 📸👁🧚🏼‍♀️: @mafinlaurincova 💗💗💗

všetko čo robíme, tvoríme s láskou.♥️ na ceste prijať, na ceste nesúdiť. byť sám sebou a vedieť so sebou žit tak, aby sme s prírodou vedeli súladiť. very raw, very rare on film🎞35mm by 📸: @mafinlaurincova ♥️♥️♥️

🕷🕸🕷🕸SPIDERWOMAN🕸🕷🕸🕷 📸: @filiporeba

“All our best men are laughed at in this nightmare land”…..

🤯🕊 📸: @filiporeba


put the gun down😘

EXTRA SAUCY SELFIE🌝💕 thank you @themjewelers for my ice😘