i bought this supreme tee knowing that a portion of sales made from these tees benefit organizations working to protect kids and aid families impacted by Trump´s administration ´ s immigration policies. i am not saying buy a tee and it solves anything but for everyone who understands how crucial it is to help and how bad this situation is, its starting a conversation that is important for a change that needs to be done! i do not want to spread hate and say fck trump because i feel like what Worlds need now is to know, feel and spread more love, compassion and to know true kindness and not to “fight” against anything, but to show people the other way. the love way. only a person who does not know love, can use his “power position” to make a choice to tear families apart. in any World this will never be a solution and it causes damage that if does not stop now can cause a very serious consequences. i cannot believe i would live in a World, writing that its crucial for families to stay together, to love their children. kids are very easily shaped and if they are not taught love, they will turn to hate and the circle always continues until they are not showed otherwise. if we live in a culture that should be an example of inteligence, it does not only comes with rational decisions but also the ones that heart is involved and tearing families apart, buldings walls is like going to past and does not learn from it. there is no happiness found in these times where are buildings walls between people solve anything. …(CONTINUE IN COMMENTS) Below⬇️