underneath all that oversized denim and sweatpants ?

?barcelona, in two days ????? tips, cool spots, meetings you may swipe into my dm and thank you ??? a som prvy piatok doma v ba a sice…


rock n rolla

@shattle_sk ? @patrikshattle??? ?❤️: @iamspunkey robit to co ma bavi, s ludmi, ktori su kreativni, prijemni, vdacni a vtipni heh ludia (: a…

thank you, @starhotels ?


shoutout to fucking awesome people out there ?❤️this is for you.


be stupid. be smart. be skinny. gain weight. loose weight. you are too rich. you are too poor. be fair. be proud. dont be naive. dont be…

milano in summer, is love. ?: @ptr_kc

places ➕ faces ➕ legs

“Grown-ups love figures… When you tell them you’ve made a new friend they never ask you any questions about essential matters. They never…

:) chcem sa spytat, co by ste radi videli, mali, zdielali somnou..prijmam akykolvek napad na sutaz, bazar, merch jednoducho kazdy napad…

i am the cutest baby in the World and you will feed me, spoil me and i will own you human

ferrari in milano ?

uz v inych botach ani nechodim :) moje 4 @pumabyrihanna a z tejto farebnej kombinacii mam fakt radost. cim viac farebne neforemne v tomto…

fast life ✈️ slovensko idem si vas vsetkych pritulit??❤️ ?snapchat: ttapple

level faded: 1000

wearing the most uncomfortable but beautiful shoe of the year. @pumabyrihanna white glowwwwwww ?❤️❤️❤️❤️ ?snapchat: ttapple

when they judge you that you dress as a boy, but you ok, cuz you know your manners are on point and you act more lady-like that women that…

4 hours sleep, sincerely, london??

if you are really mean person you are going to come back as a fly and eat poop?-kurt cobain

my dear and talented friend @maisonraksha and I met about 6 months ago.he was on his tour in Europe, making grillz because it’s his passion…

life is like a stairs

after london, i want to live in berlin <3

dissapear like Pac and marry a good wife


when you are back in the city and this is what your friend got on their menu?

green everywhere?✌?️ ?: @terra_medica

je skvele, ak clovek vie pouzivat svoju mysel natolko, ze je otvoreny prijmat vsetko s nadhladlom. sme mysel, ale nemali bysme zabudat ani…

FACT: @nikelab my number one favorite sneaker game! ;)

thank you sun hehe? #adidassk #NMD

just keep it simple?✌?️



see, you are able to see love, even in the darkest of places.

i took this, while there were killing off the mosquito with smoke. i almost got high on that smoke. but, was worth the vibe.✌?? (i took this…

30k carat diamond precious people. and I FUCKING LOVE ALL OF YOU.? thank you ???

when sky plays you well??

you walk without shoes in here, you ride on bicycles, you recycle everything and they grow dishes, many created from produce grown in the…

good G from out here!!!?? #SixSensesLaamu #?

?? ? ? ?: @terra_medica

verim, ze kazdy z nas ma vo svete svoje miesto a poslanie, ktore ma naplnit zmyslom, vo vseobecnosti, a najma co sa digitalneho sveta a…

travelling is my no.1 flame? im currently in MALDIVES, arrived yesterday and im speechless. MAG-NIF-I-CENT ???? im going to post more about…


punk?? wearing: @foreveruniqueofficial jacket @hommeboyco belt @queens_cz shoes

whoever said you cannot mix boyish style with girls vibe, was wrong #jordans4retrocement found on @queens_cz ??

my favorite fit of 2016 so far. thank you, @foreveruniqueofficial ??? and to my uk grime brother @i.am.neil ???

Mar 28, 2016 at 10:02 PM

one more time, because this light was insane.?

having lunch at #WineFoodMarket in Prague (gonna post soon the review of the food on my blog: ???www.TTAPPLE.COM ??? wearing: @hm studio…

@odivi fashion show at #mbpfw shoutout to @odivi team & @nobodylisten? wearing: @hm studio pants @saintlaurentparis_official heels @fendi…

so, since i am bit tired of my face?? and fashion?, i decided to explore the exciting theritory of photography and basically what i do is…

“FLAMINGOS, flock in groups of up to several hundred birds. they often perform their mating displays together, like this flamingo flamenco.…

im super tired and exhausted, thats the mood literally but, this picture is peace. for the first time probs, i took the picture and that is…




@loewe, welcome to the fa〽️ily.

dear Santa, i know its early, BUT… @acnestudios

Mar 13, 2016 at 1:44 PM


COMING SOON, TO, www.ttapple.com ??????? PREPARE YOUR WALLETS????