my very private collection. 😋

remember???? :)

sunglasses in room season is approaching 1..2..3.. #pfwjanuary2016

S L O V A K I A ✈️ I T A L Y cant wait for 🍕,🍝

look. stare. and enjoy..

🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾 cold. and in this @supremenewyork x 🐰 sweatpants ieat,isleep,idoeverything.

i have seen how my loft is going to look like in the future.

vila tugendhat

vila tugendhat

denne mi chodia spravy, ze som akymsi vzorom. casto nad tym premyslam, co to vlastne znamena a ci som hodna tejto zodpovednosti. viem, ze…



len ja a moje mesto

imagine me being back home and not taking a picture in this mirror-its a proper tradition. 😬

views,are my thing

Airport looks.


@ttapple • 28 Kasım 2015, 14:08

we look like drug dealers ..BUT… powerful composition.🇸🇰

i used to do not like it, …now I like it a lot.

thank you to the nice guy, who gave me 10 stickers as a suprise when I look into the bag. when you find this and read this, im super…

if you come to London, stop by this place. I did not even breath while testing almost every meal on their menu. #FinksSaltandSweet…

check mate.

it is just so great to support talented people and I feel grateful that the support is mutual. its so rare that you have this vision in…

🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃i met all these people, who promised me things and never kept their promises and than… i met you when I was a kid and you said you…

It was about the time, pull of Y🌑hji Yamam🌑t🌑.

when you cut me open…🌬🕊🌪☄

my son, my blood, my best friend

not a boy for a day look

thank you all for my name day wishes <3 shoutout to my parents for my name so I could become ttapple :*

when you wear the same outfit to school for a week straight cuz is just too comfortable and beautiful.

LONDON, i am coming for you!!! 🏄🏼 hit me a direct if you wanna meet up.💐

i only trust my shadow.

@acnestudios,U are my religion and I truly love you. #genderequality

Location: SICILIA, Italy.

my very first merchandise.

you and me. we meet in between the trees.

my very own personal wolf.

not appreciated, honored enough..yet the most powerful. Power of all people means nothing against power of real God. God is [Mother Nature]…

hmmm, from my Prada’s to Balenciaga’s.

shoutout to all the people with genial heart and caring intentions. YOU are rare and I love you.

beautiful interior design.

Som zato vsetko vdacna a vazim si kazdu podporu. Nove cislo EMMA a EVA, tieto “zeny” a vas mam rad. <3 ps.:dakujem @terra_medica ze vsetky…


Cumming soon.🌹


Rothko style.

rrriders do it dirty.

At the time, I was unable to understand anything. I should have based my judgement upon deeds and not words. She cast her fragrance and her…

Shotgun na zadnom

Haider Ackermann indeed.

My man, taught me well

Ready for spring 2015: big sweaters and sneakers. Nothing else. Thats it.

Afternoon delight🏄

middle winning.


Merci, @tci_theclassyissue. Merci for the sharing and love! Now back in Parii

My life dedicated to the road.

Orca ninjas on a mission @kohh_t20

Yesterday African cuisine dinner with the squad. Photo credit: @bludshot

LA I miss you, and your fine ass weather.