hey World, this is Sibylla my sisters new baby im her cool aunty and when we are bored we make music videos to 50 cents music and cuddle in…

AMERICAN DREAM by @lenaluga ?

toto je pre vsetkych, ktori lubia spring rolls? a ktorym som slubila ze sharneme recept ?☺️?tieto su bezlepkove a plant based? recept je…


dnes je den, kedy si uctievame nasu Zem, a aj ked pevne verim, ze kazdy den by mal byt den Zeme, prave dnes som sa rozhodla zdielat dalsiu…



only april FOOLS today can you do fish mouth ? ? also is my room organized od messy?

bolo len otazkou casu, kedy sa to stane. ?? venovane vsetkym, ktori mi poslali dnes zvieratka♥️ uz sa necitim lonely anymoreee? ktore video…

i guess i took too much pressure down on my mop???????hahahahahahaha i cant stop laughing???? mood #quarantine day 10 ??? i miss you and…

kinda same energy me & sansa ? & brad pitt in #snatch

looking through pics at home and finally posting my favorite shoot we did month ago when i was a space cowboy with pink hair and bangs…

now its time. to eat your veggies & fruits. get your vitamine c & d take care of yourself & therefore take care of others. dont panic, but…

milujemlubimmilujemlubimilujemluuubimilujeem tieto veci, kolekciu, team ludi, fotky… ? nasla som este nejake fotky, ktore som predtym…

first time berghain and second time berlin…?was fun???


k teme #savetheplanet, je moja prva challenge o uplne zakladnych zmenach, ktore som podstupila tento mesiac -niektore veci sa stali…

im 25 today ??‍♀️and i have BANGS!? thank you to and s/o to the real ones who remembered & wished me happy birthday??? and to everyone who…

pred cca mesiacom, som pisala na instagrame o zmenach, ktore podstupujem v mojom zivote, aby som sa vzdelalava a nasledovne urobila…

this is for all my cowboys out there? siri.. play who you foolin by gunna


toto by som chcela venovat vsetkym, ktori ma lubia v ruzovej??????som s5? a tuto farbu, ktoru sme s @luka_colourist namiesali v…


missin and thinkin about arizona a lot these days… i love arizona. i should just move there already. 2020 cowboy am i right or am i right…

during recent news with Australia and all the similar things happening in the World I didnt even feel like posting…so I took some time…

winter whooo?

i miss my pink hair very very much… ? @luka_colourist whats next??? guess the color

this is just a tiny glimpse of having a great time in america <3333 we danced a lot.. and laugheeed tons!! and cried a little too.. but MAN…

thank you america & friends???

what dimension is this?????? #jetleg

disney Woorld?????


arizona, is officially one of my favorite places in the World.



Po niekolkych mesiacoch pouzivania produktu @moroccanoil treatment light som si oblubila tento olej tak velmi, ze som sa rozhodla od tejto…

joaquin phoenix for peta! thats the mood?

me, walking off to sunset by @lyndahmykayah

wow, that felt ALIVE

Tento rok si moje vlasy presli celkom velkymi zmenami. U @luka_colourist z @toniandguybratislava som si dala nafarbit vlasy najprv na…

to live and live in LA

im still not over the full moon in aries. so this is me, by my sis, on film, during full moon the other day, with all my moods in it. also…

back in my hood :)

my LV chainzzz

THE REAL ROCKNROLLA on film.during sunset. calling out my spirits?

i’m on a bag

SELF PORTRAIT me by me on film also showing off my @statement.paris ring ring, because it deserves all the attention in tha World:)) love…

?? by anna ?

goodbye paris.<333 you are always interesting.(: after @neheraofficial #pfw

the OLSEN sisters ready for #hollywood #hollyweird me & @annamimieux ??‍♀️? edited by me<3 (credits madonna -hollywood)

i turned my World upside down <3

poslední dobou je to o vetru ve vlasech… <3 o slobode a o rústu. ????‍♂️??každým krokom bližšie k sebe samému. na sobě, má oblíbená…

a vampire look for a wedding!

‘s fascinates me.?‍♂️ A THEME? #2020

FACE TIME ? by me :)

??‍♀️??ENERGY RENT?! by @filiporeba ?


my new shades. they are @prada . @eyerim.eyewear #eyerim #prada ???????

london is ..HOT


london tomorrow ???



i didnt believe in best friends till i met you :)