my life in matrix..??‍♀️

i want to make you feel things. i want to make you feel alive. i want you to grow with me & i want you to stay with me.



“stay hydrated, drink more water, no milk, be cool.”-2018 ?: @allexadame

ja a nekonecna armáda pičuškov v galerii @danubianamuseum ????❤️ps: koho vam pripominaju?? kazdy z nas v zivote takehoto jedneho mame?❤️ ALSO!-if i would recommend to visit one of many cool places in my country and city, its this gallery. its absolutely beautiful and very very cool! a pre nas, je to uplne iny svet, nez naco sme zvyknuty, naozaj doporucujem! bol to zazitok!:)❤️ a na svetovej urovni????

the message is pretty clear-make love, not war ????

??‍♀️ i use magic on you,indeed


you are the apple of my eye ❤️

mask on???‍♀️

legends only ??‍♀️

…ARE THE FUTURE OF EVERY YEAR & WE LOVE BOTH ?❤️ i love you, stay safe tonight⛄️


diamondsssss and nikesssss⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️

uz dlhsiu dobu som pisala o projekte, ktory je premna velmi osobny. bolo premna velmi dolezite, aby som si dala zalezat natom najst vhodnu chvilu, ludi, priestor a cas aby sa mohol zacat proces tvorby a napokon vam oznamit, nacom sme pracovali a co sme tvorili dlhe mesiace a co vsetko a viac sa tykalo tvorby mojej PRVEJ VLASTNEJ CAPSULE KOLEKCIE, ktora do par mesiacov bude hotova? chcela som sa vyhybat prislubom nezmyselnych datumov a tvorit to naozaj z lasky a z presvedcenia ze takto to malo byt a ze je to autenticke a skutocne. chcem aby tvorba hovorila za mna, ale z coho sa sa dufam budeme tesit vsetci je, ze ide naozaj o najkvalitnejsie materialy, najzaujimavejsie strihy a veci, ktore su pre mna velmi specificke a ti ktori ma sleduju mozno uz tusia ake veci to aj budu? postupne budem o tom aka je tema, co za veci budu a o celom procese, (ktory je velmi zaujimavy!) budem oznamovat v priebehu mesiaca. dakujem….dakujem a dakujem zato, mozem robit to co ma bavi a zdielat to s vami. sny sa plnia. tesim sa a dakujem najma tym, co sa tesia somnou! je to len zaciatok…??

they dress to impress others. i dress to be myself.

?@converse x @feliciathegoat from @footshop ? @zuzanazemanjewelry

when you look at picture right next to this one, it looks like i am cheering myself, just saying ????

vo víne, je


i think this might be my favorite pair of shoes i own. @skeptagram x @nike :) shoutout to my plug @tuzex for always backing me up on the rarest pieces ??❤️ every Sunday they have new things on their site,go check them out and treat yourself good?????

im not bothered, state of peace only??


“I came to a point where I needed solitude and just stop the machine of ‘thinking’ and ‘enjoying’ what they call ‘living’, I just wanted to lie in the grass and look at the clouds…”

paris ♥️

? @ssense ual

hehe, @dior sunglasses,2018????? ?: @nlieskovska ?

baby, it was always..always, always, always about the details.

most personal project yet…comming soon…to YOU! ??? ✂️????? w/ @kubo.vazan creative mind??‍♂️? ps: i cant wait to show yall!!

i remember when i pull off this look and everyone was like WTF is this, all denim is legendary no matter what they say, 2pac wore all denim all the time and he kept everyone lowkey speechles. no matter what they say, always WEAR WHAT YOU WANT! fuck what they say ???dont even listen to me just as long as you do not hurt anyone by your “actions” and words it does not matter, you do what you need to do in order to feel good and comfortable. all these “experts and critics on fashion”, ?it should be less judgment more compassion, 2018. i wish i doubted less everything in my life as i never doubt about what i wear because its my style, its how i communicate, i dress and style me, i do not copy i get inspired but i am always myself about what i wear and what i say and for some it could be just “stupid clothing” but its more than that it never was about that, its about how you communicate through this platform, its fun and creative, as long as you are not victim of fashion, its fun to play with it, there is nothing wrong with that, remember ?♥️ all denim. all day ??

@balenciaga sunglasses???? ?: @nlieskovska

wow, sometimes i forget my hair was this LONG ?


@nike, the key to my heart and to all my aestethic ????


your two favorite girls, on one picture ? ?: @dzuisy

?& ?? who is who though?? ?: @dzuisy

my two favorites, combined! @nike x @louisvuitton

if i would be a shoe, i would probably be born as a @nike air force??

thrift shopping ??‍♀️


thank you for having me! @teniskology , @puma, @fentyxpuma & @footshop ?✨? it was the best coolest school attended so far;)

i recently decided to share among many other things that help to grow me and others as a human beings-books, that i read. from different types of literature to motivational books that i would like to share with you and you know how much i admire when you give me tips on this topic too. recently i purchased these two books, that are inspiration for my upcoming project that i am currently working on but as well i am sharing parts of books i read on “my story” and add my personal opinion or observation about the passages that i find important to read and share :) i also decided to start to share TED talks on my facebook page every Sunday, that i find interesting or useful ♥️ its the season in my life that its more about inside rather than outside ?

happy late birthday bronkis ??

Worldwide, ???

21 v kotve na akcii @teniskology o 17:00 talk vo @footshop stanku?

but if he is coming through like in THEESEE…. homeboy is gonna like GET IT haah

od 20-21 sa kona v praze akcia @teniskology??,kde budem v sobotu sucastou talku od 17:00 v stanku @footshop. taktiez tam bude predstavena nova kolekcia @fentyxpuma??? ach, milujem prahu, tenisky a vas, tesim sa??♥️

? “The Minds Eye sees beauty in great and small. The heart and soul captures the wonder of it all.”♥️?

homeboy is gonna like GET IT haah

legends of the fall heee♥️

glowing in my pink prada ? ?: @nlieskovska

precítiť. to. minimalne tak, ako ti ludia, ktori sa nato pozerali z budovy. ?: @nlieskovska



today, we serve… P R A D A with a spice of Gucci and bit of twist of Nike??‍? ?: @nlieskovska

a vampire ?

@h.a x @prada ??☂️????‍?

“the girls,girls,girls on a train”♥️


you have seat, just next to me.

& Yeeeeeees!