teaching how to play balls is always fun?????????

london?? ur pretty much fckng awesome :* thank you for having me, till the next time <3333

well well weeell look who we got here? US for @elleczech ♥️@hm x @moschino @itsjeremyscott ?: @ivankassa? artdirection: @paulinemma ? twin:…

lets talk business.

A N I M E, M E. in V e r s a c e! versaceversaceversaceversace. #eyerimeyewear #versace @eyerim.eyewear ???????

MAJOR THROWBACK. to one of the most pretty summer i spent in most delightful company? ?: @mariavajda ♥️

na pocest vcerajsej oslavy mojho mena ? mam pre vas 15 % zlavu na hodinky @danielwellington s kodom ttapple ♥️♥️♥️ loveuAll&enjoy?…




coolioso airbnb ever!! location: florence, italy. also thank you @footshop, for my nikes?

so its happening-i had to put aside my love for black socks only and switched it up for these! its a colab between @moonsocks.sk x…


THE LOVE&SUPPORT is so intense. i feel from the bottom of my heart and soul so happy and greatful. thank you. WE thank you♥️ black colorway…

ERA of LOGO. my question is, when is it TOO MUCH? ?: @mafinlaurincova ???

BYT tu, BYT teraz a BYT prebudeny. vyjst z MATRIXU.? merch je vyrobeny s laskou. ♥️ 100% bavlna, kvalita je naozaj high. dve colorways:…

❤️????diversity????❤️ ITS AWESOME!

new merchandise is coming out this SUNDAY, 19:00. tshirts. two colorways. VERY limited quantities. manufactured in SLOVAKIA & printed in…

fits and life are well balanced lately. MATCH POINT? and i play no games? NIKES! @footshop ???

interesting fact about ma style! soo when there is an event or fw, or really any day that i need to dress myself for an occasion i never…

i remember when we were dreaming about living this life together we live right now. when i was little u always said you cannot wait till im…

so do you see a snake who ate an elephant or a hat?? #mbpfw @mbpfw ?: @boisbb ???


the only time you wear Burberry to swim?

Different LAYERS, different LEVELS :) working on yourself, is work in PROGRESS♥️ ?: @lyndahmykayah

like a wife from LA, 70s baby! a DREAM. ??: @mafinlaurincova, makeup by @luccifermakeup, art direction @lyndahmykayah ?

on my way to the forest?? ?: @mafinlaurincova ♥️♥️♥️ on ?.

we are lowkey rocking this business ;)

maybe the only thing each of us can see is our own shadow… Carl Jung called this his shadow work. he said we never see others,instead we…

when we shot a chanel campaign on my grandma’s 70th bday party in the east of slovakia ♥️

focus baby, FOCUS ?: @lyndahmykayah

about last night??

wild wild west???♥️ ?: @filiporeba

vintage margiela BABYYY!! taken in an exhibition of MARGIELA in Paris? i lowkey would love to have these home wit me, not gonna lie?

last one, these pics deserved its space??♥️???

burberry princess

wearing all @burberry fit shoes are @nike from @footshop sunglasses @miumiu from @eyerim.eyewear #eyerim and 2pac on da abs????? taken and…

the Water in Venice..??‍♀️


back to my truest-self babyy!! its a TOMBOY! being british on a VK in Itaaaalia? co styled and ?: @lyndahmykayah ??? shoeshoeshoes vapormax…

výjazdy a cool chlapci?

i belong to nature <3

žiť s plným vedomím-i love that ??

WELCOME TO MY CRIB??? after a decade my room is finished and shared as i promised :’) dakujem @redbullsk, ♥️ v pravy cas, tak ako to len…

going for a spin?

i bought this supreme tee knowing that a portion of sales made from these tees benefit organizations working to protect kids and aid…

not from this planet, but temporary on this planet.?

?vrmmmm vrm

say cheeeeese! ?

? i see you.

i am back home. ? taken today while i enjoyed a swim in a pool while it was raining. life can be so tender and beautiful. i love to stay…


good morning???‍♀️7am.

design of these Miu Miu shades is sooooo iconic…it’s funny cuz when someone talks about my style, one of the first things that pops up is…

Microplastics in our seas now outnumber stars in our galaxy… would you believe what this World has come to? yes its true and this…

Jun 5, 2018 at 6:09 PM

friends at sunsets. i know its special. ?: @kristofko (happy birthdayyy:)

weekend getaways?

picasso’s wife. or should I say a LOVER??

ak mate s touto temou skusenosti, poznatky, cokolvek, bude super ked si navzajom tieto informacie budeme odovzdavat,ucit sa a objavovat…

v poslednej dobe som zmenila radikalnejsie zivotny styl :) chcela som vediet ako sa pri tejto zmene budem citit a v spravnej chvili to s…

stastie hovorim tomu spoznavat vas osobne a pocuvat, vidiet a najma citit ze vasim uprimnym snom je robit tento svet lepsim. kazdy den…

?dnes ??‍♀️?

The only people for me are the mad ones: the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same…