GA ITALIA 💛 dreams do come true eventually dont they (: thank you @ftrjivxi for making it happen💐

forever home <3


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day w/me😁🤘🏼 footshopcz snapchat🏄🏼💐

tshirt: acne studios / jeans: topshop / coat: burberry / backpack: vejask / shoes:vans

vcera som videla v noci padat hviezdy na vyhlade s kamaratmi, dnes sedim vo vlaku a vidim vychod slnka sama, nie je hlupost davat na vedomie a chapat, ze su to bezne veci, ktore paradoxne byvaju tymi najvzacnejsimi a byt vdacny za obe-zdielat veci s ostatnymi a sam so sebou, vsetci sa stale niekam ponahlame a vsetko je rychle a digitalne, ale je stastie byt dostatocne vedomi nato, veci rozlisovat a postupne im pridavat vacsi vyznam, ako tym nepodstatnym veciam. vsetko si komplikujeme pritom vacsina veci nam uz bola dana len staci sa viac pozerat von.

zajtra bude report mojho (ne)bezneho dna najdes ho na snapchate @footshop, konkretne pod nickom footshopcz😁💐 a 15,16 som v prahe, na evente Y3 s @footshop 🏄🏼🏄🏼🏄🏼🔥🔥⚡️⚡️⚡️


remember this picture

i am stark and this is ma wolf

jacket: vintage / pants: asos / sneakers: nike from /sunglasses: miu miu /// location: bratislava city, slovakia💃🏼





jenny from da block

finalne mesta, ktore navstivim na slovensku 🙏🏼💐 datumy budem pridavat postupne 😘 stihnem aj cesku republiku? ;))) praha, brno… navrhnite, rada sa necham inspirovat😁❤️

its comming VERY RARE and SOON. #ttapple #ttour #merch #2016 #august 😎

in this World, where everyone is trying to be someone else, infinite comparing and comparison yourself to others, people dont realize that the most fucking cool things is to be YOU(RSELF). why you would want to be other person when you can be you? role models are nice choose wise though, get inspired, dont copy and dont live by expectation of others, do your own thing, your intuition says it all to you just listen and when the intention is good, do it. i see me, you and others being pushed not to feel comforable and everyone is so judgmental but seriously fuck it, is feels good to trust yourself, you believe in what you do its the beginning of a realness. i dont necesserely thing we need to put each other down, in order to feel better about ourselves, when i did that, i felt even worse, it does not work and the only thing that works, its to make better you, for you and from that you will discover you dont need to put anybody down. because if we truly, honest and ok with ourselves we build each other up. when you want to find true power, dont hide in relationships in other people, parties, booze,drugs do it for fun not for solving your problems, dont blame anybody but yourself for things in your life, look deeply why you react like that and how you change you, because a fact is, you will never change anybody else but you and the true is-the real power lies in you, ITS YOU. i never put quotes but this quote is powerful, just think about it;)

bomber jacket: zara / pants: dries van noten / bag: fendi / sneakers: nike /sunglasses: miu miu ////location: bratislava city, slovakia💃🏼

barcelona hood

i visited barcelona along with my friends and i had a very good time. barcelona had been one of my favorite cities that i have ever visited so far. there is great weather, not too hot, great places to eat and for a coffee and i like the approach of the cool vibe. not many people know, that barcelona is actually very cool.

secret location: barcelona

location: barcelona


palace jacket and red nails, thats me

from 🍎to🍍

upset cuz your wife is a fan

the coolest barcelona ;)

come and chill with me in this chair with these nikesss🐍

when you take a picture and it looks like a proper painting, thats when you know you are in barcelona 💃🏼❤️

📍barcelona, in two days 🐲🐉🔥🔥🔥 tips, cool spots, meetings you may swipe into my dm and thank you 🙏🏼💐 a som prvy piatok doma v ba a sice nechodim von, ale dnes vynimocne👼🏼 @nuspirit_club pozdravit💕

rock n rolla

robit to co ma bavi, s ludmi, ktori su kreativni, prijemni, vdacni a vtipni heh ludia (: a vsetkych kto to ocenia, nevymenila by som to eventualne zanic na svete, este zvierata <3 su to moje najstastnejsie chvile, na vsetko ostatne se clovek muze 🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊 dakujem @patrikshattle, @iamspunkey, @terra_medica 🙏🏼💐❤️ pre viac pozri @shattle_sk 💥⚡️

@shattle_sk 🕊 @patrikshattle💐🙏🏼 📸❤️: @iamspunkey

⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️@shattle_sk💥💥💥💥 @patrikshattle🙏🏼💐 📸❤️: @iamspunkey


i do not one home, i travel a lot i have been seeing, travelling, living in different cities, countries, villages, mountains… therefore my home is everywhere when i am. where my human form is, soul… BUT, this my be my favorite home after all,just, i mean, the view… (:


fucking awesome x ttapple x grillz @maisonraksha x miu miu

dior very rare heels

very rare celiné


sneakers: @pumabyrihanna from @footshop dress: @yohjiyamamotoofficial x y3 adidas snapchat👻: @ttapple

WHAT STRIPES?!?!?!?!?! for those who wonder where did i got my @pumabyrihanna they are from @footshop💐💕




cool sushi place in soho,london

shopping in @palaceskateboards

machine a,very cool store in london, soho location

fucking awesome at soho,london

location: soho,london

this was indoor of a restaurant that i had visited while staying in london, and the food is very good. i got a burger with sweet potato fries and coke which was actually so good. the restaurant was called byron, and my recommendation is to try it anytime. very cool place!

london eye

london eye im in soho, im bit bored who wants to come to do shopping with me? <3 text me direct🕊

in GQ ITALIA comming very soon 💛

be stupid. be smart. be skinny. gain weight. loose weight. you are too rich. you are too poor. be fair. be proud. dont be naive. dont be stupid. dont trust. trust. lie. no now be honest. now lie. be you. dont be you. you are not good enough. you are great. you are too much. you need attention. why you dont need anobody. why you talk to everybody. why you are alone. why you can never be alone. no nobody wants to be with you. everybody likes you. everybody hates you. be like this. be like that. be this, this, not this,yesterday this but tomorrow this. stickers… why? why the fuck is there pressure? why cant you just let anybody fucking be themselves? why the fuck would people bring anybody the fuck down, in order to percieve their ideal of fucking anything. like why not just appreciate the most valuable fact of life, of accepting who you are and than go from there to make you a better you, for you, from you and not the fucking opposite of trying to change everybody, but not you, and blame every-fucking body for everything but not you. this is what everybody search in life and by anybody i mean everybody, because dont tell me the money,fame,success, hoes,assholes truly inside make anybody happy, like real happy not the one-second happy, BUT the acceptence of yourself and being the best you can be for you and for others, the best does not mean best for them, but the best, good, good you can be therefore, when you can accept you, and be good to you and to others, this is the fucking forrest gump and you can say different but if you dont have that and you come to any profile, “saying opinions” because it is “opionion” but it clearly it is not opinion, this “opinion” DOES NOT MATTER nor on the social media, nor in the real life. i understand, where we live is a mad place and i was thinking about what does effect, all of this and by, your whole life they tell you in school, in what you are not good enough they dont tell you, you are good in science they tell you how much you dont know about math, so they make sure they tell you you are not good for probably anything, shades your potential, because they need to prepare you for this very unfair business of life…

milano in summer, is love. 📸: @ptr_kc

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